Plak-Posse Pals: Plush Animals Teach Dental Health

I like toys with bite. Little Miss visited the dentist for the first time* two months ago at 22 months of age. She still talks about that day. We prepared her for weeks, reading “first dental visit” children’s books from the library.

The best part of the visit was when she sat down with a big plush green frog which had a full set of adult plastic teeth. He was kind of cute if you could look past his gigantic human mouth.

The hygienist showed Little Miss how to floss the frog using a plastic flossing tool. Then, as the adults discussed dental care, Miss cradled the frog and quietly flossed away. She is flossing on her own today.

Marketing photo of Finnegan Z. Fish, a plush fish with a full set of human teethPlak-Posse Pals by Paragon International are plush animals with full, flossable teeth. Their offerings include a dog, horse, bug, dinosaur, alligator, kangaroo, boa, monkey, monster, fish, starfish and bison.

I don’t know for sure the frog was a Plak-Posse Pal, but it seems likely. If so, the frog has been discontinued. Too bad. He was the cutest of the bunch.

Some of the animals appear to come in small and large sizes (example: 16 inches versus 11 inches tall). Small versions of the alligator and fish are sold at Sensational Beginnings for about $20.

Consider whether this teaching aid would help promote good dental practices in your little one. If it would, it’s a comparatively inexpensive hedge against future dental bills.

* Footnote: Your first dental visit should occur around the time of the
first birthday. Much of our visit was to ensure we knew everything we
should—how to brush, how and when to floss, what foods to feed
out-of-the-home (e.g., when away from a toothbrush), and to answer
questions about fluoride.


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