Parent Outrage of the Day #1

I overheard a portion of a conversation between two staffers at a certain chain warehouse store on Father’s Day. I’ll refrain from naming the store because there is only one in my rural region and the employee(s) could be reprimanded for talking within customer earshot.

This much I know: a mother told her supervisor she couldn’t obtain childcare on a Sunday. The supervisor took it upon himself to independently contact the child’s father—who is divorced from the mother, but works at the same store—and got the father to handle childcare on Sunday. The mother cried on the way to work that morning.

We could treat family responsibilities as valid reasons to miss a day of work—on the same level as calling in sick. In such a fantasy land, workers are happy and much more productive. Instead, we live in a world where managers invade employee privacy and personal family affairs in pursuit of profit.


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