Googleheads and a Few Kid Videos

I have a few posts which are taking a bit more research than usual. In the meantime, here are a few videos from via They are essentially a dad having fun video taping his family.

Googleheads – This is a tribute video to Laurie Berkner’s wonderful song Googleheads from her Victor Vito CD. I can’t imagine enjoying this video before I had a child, and now watching it makes me wish I had a huge family.

Staged stroller crash – Kids just want to have fun… pushing their little brother into the bushes.

Kermit the Frog whines – This is a crafty way to mock your child’s pain and torment.

Evil Hand (choppy video) – Evil Hand attempts to recruit kids into his plan for world domination.

Evil Hand Returns (fluid video and a bit funnier)


Zombie Baby in Stroller (long clip) – This seems to be a segment from Peter Jackson’s cult film Braindead (alternate name: Dead Alive). I haven’t seen the film, but it appears to be only a touch less campy than his first film, Bad Taste. Watch either flick and you’ll wonder how the hell this guy made Lord of the Rings.

Vincent at the Super Market – This is a nice Flickr photo set of a baby in a shopping cart.

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