Car Seats for Toy Dolls by Joovy

Here is a head scratcher. The Just-Like-Me Doll or Stuffed Toy Car Seat and Booster Car Seat by Joovy are toy car seats for your real car. Your child straps a favorite doll or teddy bear into the seat as a traveling companion. Dolls 12 to 20 inches should fit.

Marketing photo of the Just-Like-Me Doll or Stuffed Toy Car Seat. Pictured is a pink car seat with handle. A doll is seated in the seat.The car seat version also serves as a rocker when detached from its base or as a feeding seat when its handle is rotated.

Here’s the problem. The product name contains the phrase “Just-Like-Me.” That name implies your kid is still young enough to be using a child safety seat. For such a child, consider the following points:

  1. The manufacturer’s marketing photo shows a child sitting in a window seat, while a doll occupies the safer center seat.
  2. If your kid needs help getting out of his safety seat, the toy seat forces you to consistently use one side of the car, or lift your child over the toy seat. Who among us hasn’t alternated car sides because of a tightly packed parking lot?
  3. Your kid needs to know how to strap a doll into a five-point harness, unless this is to be one more task for the parent.
  4. The toy seat fills a passenger seat, which may not be an attractive prospect if you don’t own a minivan.
  5. Your child outgrows an infant car seat within six months. Couldn’t you just put a doll in your old, real infant seat?

Now, maybe the product name was just poorly chosen. Maybe Just-Like-Me should be Just-Like-I-Used-to-Be. Many of my issues are irrelevant if the toy is intended for 5 to 7-year-olds.

However, consider the manufacturer’s statement that the toy seat is “crash tested for passenger safety.” I read that to mean the seat won’t become airborne and hurt your child during a collision. But you know, maybe I’ll configure a Google News alert and wait for the first dumb parent who, in an impromptu situation, places a real infant in this toy seat.


One Response to “Car Seats for Toy Dolls by Joovy”

  1. Deva Gibson says:

    Yes, I thought you were totally right. I also believe that parents should teach their kids how to properly buckle up in the car. I taught my daughter how to do that and she is now 13 months old and can properly buckle her doll in the joovy rear facing car seat. She is still in her infant car seat because she was a preemie and now only weighs 18 pounds. I will be putting her rear facing in about 3 weeks, once she hits 22 pounds.
    Until then, she will stay in her infant car seat. I am expecting twin girls on June 24th, so I explained that she could help me buckle up the babies once they were born. It has taught her not to fight with me when she needs to get in the car.

    May 25th, 2007 at 5:15 pm