Breastfeeding Viral Video Roundup

A friend e-mailed me an amusing breast milk video clip. I looked around for a web-based copy to share and got carried away. Here are a few nice breastfeeding and/or lactation-related videos found on YouTube.

1) Waitress gives patrons milk with their coffee — If the link goes bad, find duplicates here, here, here, here and here.

2) Where’s My Boob? — A dad plays his guitar and sings a breast ballad to his baby.

3) Breastfeeding cat — Hungry cat. Lactating woman. Japanese TV.

4) Grumpy old man talks on a TV news program about banning anti-social addictive, erotic breastfeeding. It’s the work of media hoaxer Alan Abel.

5) Pregnant woman rides mechanical bull in a breastfeeding public service announcement. Here’s more information about the campaign, with a second commercial (mpeg format) of two pregnant women in a log rolling competition.

6) Time to let go – In this BBC TV clip, an English chap brings his girlfriend home to meet his parents. The poor guy is hungry, but dinner is not for another hour. What’s a momma’s boy to do?

7) Marmite on Toast is a TV commercial for a British bread spread. It features a breastfeeding mother who encounters an itty bitty problem when her baby spits up.

8) Breastfeeding interview with Laura Coleman – This six minute segment is an interview on Nelson at Night, a classically low budget late night talk show on public access cable in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s fun to watch people emulate Leno and Letterman instead of forging a new path in New Media. Nelson has a bigger audience on YouTube than he’ll ever garner on public access TV, yet his thinking is stuck in the last century.

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