Review: Sky Pilot Parachute Catch Kite

We picked a Sky Pilot Parachute Catch Kite by Go Fly a Kite yesterday at an educational toy store. It’s awesome. The kite is really a functioning parachute with a fabric/nylon doll attached.

Marketing photo of Sky Pilot Parachute Catch Kite depicting a doll aloft in the air below a fully deployed colorful parachuteAfter a sharp tug on the kite line, the parachutist is designed to detach
and float to the ground. So your kid runs after the drifting doll while
you reel in your kite string which just fell to the ground.

The actual tug is achieved by pulling the string reel to your waist,
and then using your other hand, pulling three feet of string to your
waist and letting it go. A hard jolt gets sent up the line to where it hits a small
odd plastic contraption which connects the kite line and the parachute
line… and the parachute gets released.

We’re stuck at home with rain this week, so I’ll post photos after our first test flight. The product photo has the doll looking like a parasailer hanging in the air below a fully deployed canopy.

The doll and chute appear durable and the instructions are mostly comprised of diagrams on a single sheet of paper.

I’ve been wanting to fly a kite with Little Miss, but the tension on a kite string is too great and could sever tiny fingers in a mishap! There isn’t an age range listed on this product’s packaging, but some retailers peg it for 8 to 10-year-olds. Wow, so, I’ll let Little Miss watch and run after the parachuting doll.

A couple reviews at Fat Brain Toys indicate the kite is more challenging to get airborne than a normal kite and requires a strong wind. If it’s a major concern, consider the sister products, Cute Chute and Cute Chute Panda. They are parachutist dolls which you merely throw into the air.

Update: See my Test Flight #1 and Test Flight #2 reports.

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