Music Review: African Dreams Lullabies

When Little Miss was an infant we played a CD of ocean surf to help her fall asleep. She just needed lowkey repetitive noise.

At 8 months when Miss transitioned to sleeping on a mattress we upgraded her to the African Dreams CD which features lullabies by a variety of artists.

Cover artwork for the African Dreams CDThe first track is my favorite, a warm and soothing rendition of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Kumalo Family Singers (yeah, I don’t know who they are either). It’s one of only two lullabies sung in English, but every song on the CD is calming. Mom would play the CD prior to nursing to help Miss relax.

African Dreams received air play for a good year before we pulled music from her bedtime routine… for no reason other than rearranging furniture in her bedroom and repositioning of electrical chords for safety.

Last week African Dreams resurfaced when Miss missed her once-a-day nap and became Big Miss Fusspot by 4 p.m., crying at anything and everything. We had to go on a car ride, and she was throwing a fit at the thought of sitting in her car seat. It was African Dreams which helped her find her happy place.

Need I say more? Check out the audio samples at If they’re not your flavor, the record label, Ellipsis Arts, has a 15 CD lullaby series covering a variety of other cultures and themes. Just remember that low quality Amazon audio samples don’t do these harmonies justice.

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