Cleaning Out Baby Bookmarks, Vol. 1

The grandparents are visiting Little Miss this week, so here are some bookmarks I’m cleaning out. I say, if you haven’t written about a web page after six months, it’s time to let it go. So, here you go.

  1. is a 12-year-old girl’s attempt to grapple with having a father who left her nine years ago. The dates and current age of the child seem in question (e.g., I can’t tell when various passages were written), but a recent update states the father saw the web site in March 2006 and the kid will be reunited in some fashion with her dad in April.
  2. Piko the Penguin is a plush toy for asthma management, with related medical equipment stored in the toy.
  3. The 4-year-old’s workday and Your children are destroying the neighborhood are McSweeneys humor pieces.
  4. Banana Bunker is a plastic case for protecting your banana.
  5. Article: flame retardents found in toddler blood.
  6. AeroBlocks play structures are inflatable wall segments which connect to each other with Velcro straps.
  7. You Really Got Me. Read the linked lyrics to the popular Kinks’ song, but imagine the girl mentioned is your infant daughter waking you at all hours of the night.
  8. Babyz virtual baby software lets you play with a digital baby on your PC. It looks like the Babyz software debuted in 1999, but is no longer sold.
  9. Toy Taco portable playmat is a folding mat emblazoned with a street scene, or dinosaur valley, for use with toy cars, Lego blocks, etc.
  10. Tote ‘N’ Go DX Portable Car Seat turns a car seatbelt into a five point harness. Rated for 25 to 40lbs and 40 inches, it sounds like a handy way to transport an extra toddler on the fly.


One Response to “Cleaning Out Baby Bookmarks, Vol. 1”

  1. Robert Rimel says:

    Am I the only one who found the Banana Bunker to be a little disturbing. Looks like some combination adult toy/food preservative. Wierd.

    April 18th, 2006 at 5:53 am