Cleaning Out Baby Bookmarks, Vol. 2

  1. Eat-N-Play Activity Cooler
    is a portable cooler, placemat and playmat with attached toys. I spent
    a lot of time looking at this thing and just can’t see when I would
    ever use it.
  2. The Learning Tower
    is a wooden stand with rails which helps your kid help you in the
    kitchen. It looks to be quite a bit safer than standing on a chair to
    reach the kitchen counter.
  3. And Then There Was Me
    is a baby memory book for gay, lesbian and single parent families. It
    features gender neutral language, pages for the sperm or egg donor and
    all the typical topics every parent wants to document.
  4. The Inappropriate Baby Book: Gross and Embarassing Memories From Baby’s First Year.
  5. Baby’s First Tattoo: A Memory Book for Modern Parents is a book for truly alternative lifestyles.
  6. Between Me and You is
    a series of reverse memory books. Give one to grandma and grampa with
    the stated intent they are to fill it out and return it to you.
  7. Tray-to-Go
    is what every mobile fa[s]t food kid needs. Organize your Big Mac,
    supersize fries and large caffenine drink in a plastic try instead of
    spilling all over your lap.
  8. Toddler Time-Out Mat
    is for on-the-go parents who not only need to mark a precise cooling
    off location for their naughty child, but take that location with them
  9. A swaddling photo tutorial eliminates any mystery about the process, courtesy of
  10. The Roos is a book that deals with real life issues for joeys of same sex kangaroo parents. If only they made this book for human babies!


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  1. thordora says:

    We received Baby’s First Tattoo for our first baby-it’s awesome. I love that book.

    April 16th, 2006 at 4:17 am

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