Baby Hand and Footprint Kits by Milestones Products

Here is another "I wish I’d known about that!" product.

In my childhood backyard each family member had a stepping stone featuring his or her handprint, name and age. I put my hand into each of those prints many times over the years to see how I sized up against my brothers.

Marketing photo of the Special Delivery Baby Print Tin, depicting a circular metal tin with a baby footprint set in clayFor Little Miss, I bought a make-it-yourself stepping stone kit. Eleven months later, the box is still unopened.

So I was excited to find a simpler, faster printmaking kit at a toy store last weekend. I bought the Special Delivery Baby Print Tin by Milestones Products for $10 for a friend giving birth in a few months who has family members in another country.

The Special Delivery Tin is a 4 inch circular metal container filled with air-drying clay. The idea is, you capture your infant’s hand or footprint in the clay, let the clay harden and then mail the tin as a birth announcement. A circular address label is included.

Some other cool keepsake variations (I wish were carried in the store I visited) include:


One Response to “Baby Hand and Footprint Kits by Milestones Products”

  1. Jill says:

    I did one of these only to have the clay crack horribly as it dried, disfiguring the sweet little handprints.

    April 20th, 2006 at 11:39 am

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