Unusual Plush Doll Roundup, Vol. 1

Step outside the mass market and you find some interesting stuff. Check out these offerings.

Marketing photo of Rex, a Dino Babies green plush Tyrannosaurus rex with a female human face.Dino Babies by T.C. Originals are cuddly plush dinosaurs with human faces. Or rather, they are toddlers dressed in elaborate dinosaur costumes with only their human faces visible. If Little Miss had been named Gamera, I’d be buying every Dino Baby variation… Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactylus and Apatosaurus. They’re a very affordable $8 (OK, $7.99 if that makes you feel better), but I get a blank page when clicking the shopping cart. [I will update this page if they respond to a pending e-mail.] Update: Grandma points out that in the "Scooter" and "Winky" versions of the doll, Winky winks and Scooter doesn’t. Bonus points to T.C. Originals for making them dark skinned options for this toy.

Honolulu Babies by Humpty Dumpty Hawaii are Humpty Dumpty dolls which wear Hawaiian prints. OK, technically, the dolls are 10"x16” egg-shaped fabric pillows, but since when do pillows have arms, legs and faces? Like real eggs, they come in brown and white versions. Eggs with Hawaiian prints are brown (tan), while eggs with tacky novelty prints are white.

The Veggie Bunch
by Under The Nile consists of a plush cotton orange, carrot, bean,
banana, mushroom and tomato—each with a simple face. (Let’s just forget that three of those are
fruits.) Alternatively, there are always mainstream Veggie Tales dolls.

Baby Abuelita Productions brings us Spanish-speaking grandpa and grandma dolls. They are "sweet, loveable, lullaby singing dolls who invite you to join them on a nostalgic journey as they sing ‘canciones de cuna,’ the traditional Hispanic songs of early childhood." Er, does that mean mom and dad aren’t passing down the traditions themselves?

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