Photo: Potty Training Triumph

We started potty training Little Miss two months ago at 18 months of age, but really only began in earnest a couple weeks ago. As you can see by the photo, last night she experienced, uhh, a grand success.

Overhead view of a potty chair with its lid open and a tiny brown spec visible inside. Little Miss's hand is visible pointing at the spec.Mom was on duty at the time, so Little Miss ran down the hall to get me so I could share in the grand event. Miss was quite proud and then wanted to use the adult toilet.

The potty chair is one I did not profile in my November potty chair roundup. It is the $15 Safety 1st Potty ‘n Step Stool sold at Target.

The Safety 1st model is similar to the First Years 3-in-1 Learning Potty, except Safety 1st includes a seat lid. That’s an important difference because Little Miss has learned to close the lid now, rather than when she graduates to an adult toilet. Plus, a lid should help contain odor if the potty can’t be emptied and cleaned immediately after use for whatever reason. The Safety 1st potty also has two steps instead of just the one on the First Years model.

Both models are standalone potties with seats which can be placed on top of a regular adult toilet seat. They also have stepping stools which store compactly into, or comprise, the potty’s base.

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