Five Links for Looking, Vol. 3

  1. An amazing photo of a 21-week-old hand emerging from a mother’s uterus during spina bifida corrective surgery conducted in utero. Four years later, an update about the child. A journalistic controversy surrounds the question of whether the baby’s hand reached out or flopped out. The photographer’s account and SNOPES’ conclusion differ.
  2. Mini-motorcycle training wheels exist for enthusiasts who want their kids motoring as early as 2-and-a-half-years-old.
  3. Baby sign reminder cards help you learn baby sign language, with the intention that you’ll place them in locations around your home where you are likely to use specific signs.
  4. An origami jumping frog recently entertained Little Miss while dining at a Chinese restaurant, folded by a waiter. She laughed with each leap. Instructions. More instructions. Yet more instructions.
  5. The Baby in Waiting bracelet and Pregnancy Bracelet let an incapacitated woman inform emergency personnel of her double occupancy status. Oh man, that would make a nice t-shirt. Time to shake the Google Ball.

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