Bathtime Shower toy and Shampoo Rinse Cup

I had a good laugh when I saw Pel-USA’s Bathtime Shower while thumbing through the latest One Step Ahead catalog. It’s a toy showerhead which suctions to a wall. Your child presses a big button to draw dirty, soapy water from your bath tub, pump it up through a tube, and spurt it out the showerhead. If you’re lucky, your kid has his mouth open to receive the spray.

Pel-USA's Bathtime Shower comprised of a tube which dips into bathtub water, an above-water suction mount with button and a showerhead which protrudes above.Well, that’s what Little Miss does these days when we give her showers using a regular showerhead. We use a suction cup holder found at a local hardware store to position our existing adult handheld showerhead at a height usable for Little Miss.

For our purposes, I was more intrigued by a Shampoo Rinse Cup by SC Products. It’s a pitcher for rinsing hair, but with one side composed of rubber for wrapping around your child’s forehead. The idea is that a close seal on the scalp lets you pour water in only one direction, away from the child’s eyes. Why is that important? When you pour water—which is mixing with soapy hair—in all directions, then you have a crying baby. With a regular cup or pitcher you can try shielding your child’s eyes with your other hand, but it’s not always effective.


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  1. Jim Phipps says:

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    June 26th, 2007 at 1:20 pm

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