Which Daddy Type are You?

Although, because daddy stereotypes are beginning to break down, let’s admit that moms may fit any of these types, too.

Desperate House Dads? The marketing photo for this comedy duo depicts a haggard dad in an apron clutching a broom with two kids latched around his neck and leg. The marketing slogan reads, "They are just happy to get out of the house."

Lawn Chair Dads? Black socks. American flag boxer shorts. White tank tops. Oh, and a lawn chair. Yes, it’s a group of precision lawn chair marching dads based in Illinois.

Donuts for Dads? This group of dads in Kansas City meet to drink coffee and eat donuts. OK, it’s more than that. They plan events such as fishing and building birdfeeders (you know, so you can sit and watch birds while eating donuts).

Grateful Dads? Here is a group of dads in the San Francisco bay area who are enjoying the outdoors like they did before they had children. Well, almost like before. Check out their advice for hiking with kids. (Credit goes to Grandma for pointing me to the Grateful Dads.)

In summary, these are your choices:

  1. Mr. Mom
  2. H.I. McDunnough (OK, Alan Arkin from Edward Scissorhands would be a better pick, but I couldn’t locate a photo.)
  3. Homer Simpson
  4. John Muir (not only a father, but father of the U.S. national park system)

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