Review: Polder Revolving Shoe Tree

The problem of toddler shoe storage snuck up on us. The first 12 months Little Miss had one pair of shoes, used mainly to keep her socks on. When she began walking, her shoes multiplied and our redwood shoe rack/bench quickly became inadequate and was replaced.

Polder Revolving Shoe Treet. A chrome stand with three revolving hook arms which each hold six pairs of shoes.We don’t use our front entryway coat/shoe closet because our day-to-day entrance is a door leading to our garage.

We’ve been placing our shoes in the lower portion of an over-the-door hanging shoe organizer. Coats hang on a couple over-the-door coat hooks. Since 12 or 14 months, Little Miss has enjoyed fetching and storing our shoes. She is a neat freak.

Last month Little Miss got her own shoe carousel. It is a Polder Revolving Shoe Tree I bought (for $1, score!) from a home daycare business which was closing. It looks like a chrome display unit you might see in a mall store. The tree sits on the floor like a regular shoe rack, but it takes up a
third or less of the horizontal space – making it easy to position
behind our door.

The shoe trees come in a two tier and three tier model,
six pairs of shoes per tier. Each tier rotates independently of the
others. A weighted base helps avoid accidental tipping, but a seriously intent toddler would have no trouble pushing or pulling the tree over.

You might
think the 12-shoe two tier model is more than any one toddler could need,
until you consider a third tier is a great place to hang a few toddler hats.

The carousel is just the right height for Little Miss. She enjoys picking out the shoes she will wear and storing them again when we arrive home. After Miss began saying “mama” and “papa,” the next functional day-to-day word she learned was “shoes!” She loves ‘em.

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One Response to “Review: Polder Revolving Shoe Tree”

  1. Daddy Bun says:

    thus the start of the female fascination with shoes begins…

    February 6th, 2006 at 9:38 pm