Remote control cars for toddlers: GoGo Auto by Kid Galaxy

I saw the oddest thing yesterday at an independent toy store—a radio controlled baby carriage. A pram. Maybe 3 inches long. (product page or direct image link)

A blue foam radio controlled car bearing a smiling face. Also pictured is a remote control.The toy is rated for 5-year-olds, but was displayed among infant toys. I presume it is marketed to girls. At least it’s not pink.

In looking up the manufacturer, Kid Galaxy, it seems they also make preschool racers, called GoGo Auto. (The manufacturer’s web site doesn’t list an age range, but I found retailers pegging it for 2- or 3-year-olds.)

Unlike the plastic pram, these cars are soft foam, simple and compact—a blue racer with a smiley face, or a traditional fire truck, tow truck, skid loader or school bus. They are operated by two buttons—rotate and accelerate.

I’m only giving my daughter wheeled toys moved with muscle power, but if you’re an RC enthusiast, this might be just the toy to begin the RC indoctrination.

Update: The blue racer (pictured above) left me unsettled. After mulling it over with a night’s rest, I’ve decided I don’t like the car’s simulated skull cap (the bulge above the car’s face). There is a clear white ring around the bulge which is a spot on match for a lobotomy scar.

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