Five More Baby Links for Looking

It’s been a few months since I shared five links for looking. Here are some interesting web pages for which I have no bloated verbiage to dispense. Just click.

  1.  Wallie Babies [the link has since gone dead] are "Not from Mama" products. There are illustrations of two products without descriptions. The "Bottle-a-Tune" appears to be a music player wrapped around a milk bottle while the "SPooN-FX" looks like a child’s spoon with three buttons for generating sound effects. Ummm, what???
  2. Baby Gamer is a guide to free, online infant and toddler games. I won’t be letting Little Miss touch a keyboard for a few years, but maybe this site is for you.
  3. Bento Babeys [sic] is a book telling "the adventurous story of four amazing babies, Mikey, Shonda, Pedro, and Sahi, who all have secret karate skills." I can’t wait for the feature film.
  4. Beautiful Breastfeeding Babies has a nice eye bending logo. It took me a few seconds to see the motherly image depicted on this lactation consultant’s web site. (Unrelated… can you see the hidden arrow in the FedEx wordmark/logo?)
  5. Cool photos: Spinning Babies is a site about fetal positioning which has a photo of an infant drawn on a mother’s belly. That’s just what a visual person like me needs to really see the baby inside. Meanwhile, Pushbabies is a postnatal exercise group. This photo of moms stretching caught my attention, but the photo of a mommy group walking in the park conjured up ideas for a new Sam Raimi movie, Zombie Mommies.

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