Buckle Babies Seat Belt Photo Holder

I try not to laugh when I see odd baby products. Sometimes I even manage to take them seriously because I remember these things are parent-invented, so there must be a need somewhere.

Two marketing photos of Buckle Babies. One shows a Buckle Babies in use with a female driver. The other is a close-up photo of a baby's photo inside a Buckle Babies.While doing some errant research I ran across Buckle Babies. It’s a singular product with a pluralized name. Catchy, huh?

A Buckle Babies is a leather pouch which hooks onto the shoulder strap of a car seat belt. It looks like a suitcase ID tag with a clear window for displaying your baby’s photo or other information.

Ostensibly, Buckle Babies was created because "having loved one’s pictures close to heart boosts your energy in your daily commute," but its web site is quick to suggest some funny alternative uses:

  1. Display a photo of yourself.
  2. Store vehicle registration or insurance paperwork.
  3. Remind yourself to quit smoking or avoid using the cell phone.
  4. Show support for U.S. troops.
  5. Display your pet’s picture.
  6. Display your organization’s logo.

While reading this to Mom just now, she suggested that a shopping list could be kept in a Buckle Babies. I responded, "Why sure, and why not store a mirror inside? In the event of an emergency you could signal low flying aircraft." She then called me an ass.

Here is the one really good reason for a Buckle Babies – to display health information (assuming you attach it to the child’s safety belt, not your own). Their example has a child’s photo with the caution, "autistic individual may not respond to verbal questions." It’s a great idea, in the event of a car accident, to also have allergies displayed there on the buckle (in addition to a bracelet, necklace or whatnot).

Now, because I am a privacy freak, I would never leave a photo of my child visible in my car. So here is a freebie idea for the Buckle Babies folks. Market this product for kids, not parents. What kid wouldn’t want her favorite cartoon character or a photo of her pet on her car seat safety belt?


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  1. Ed Bacchus says:

    I agree, if I bought this for my wife she would want to be able to see the picture.

    March 8th, 2006 at 10:53 am

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