Toddler Sock Test

Question: What is the difference between these two socks?
Side-by-side images of a pair of white and a pair of  blue toddler socks. This photo links to the Children's Place store where the blue socks may be purchased.

Answer: The white pair becomes useless once your toddler learns to say the word "blue" and decides she only likes to wear colors she can say. Little Miss is wearing a lot of blue and purple this week.

Question: what size is this pair of socks?
Two side-by-side photos of feet. At left, Little Miss wearing grey socks with a cuff which extends up her leg. At right, Dad wearing the same socks, but the cuff only reaches Dad's ankle.

Answer: I don’t really know. Little Miss and I are wearing the same pair of socks in the above photo. The pair was a hand-me-down and looks to be a 12 to 24 month sock, but it fits me pretty good.

Tip: Buy some emergency multi-colored socks to use when you are behind on doing the laundry. Sooth your fussy toddler by pointing out all of the colors she likes that can be found in the cool sock before her. These grey socks feature yellow, orange, green and blue spiders.

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