Spaghetti Monster Valentine’s Day Cards

(For orientation, see the previous post: Parenting for Pastafarians and the FSM Wikipedia entry.)

Buz Carter has saved Valentine’s Day! Kids wishing to woo classmates, yet remain true to their higher love for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, can now express both their loves.

Thumbnails of three Flying Spaghetti Monster cards by Buz Carter of The first card shows the spaghetti monster with the following caption: I'd be off my noodle... if you'd be mine. The second card depicts a teddy bear pirate pushing another bear off a ship's plank into shark infested waters, with the following caption: I love you... ...but you must die. The third card depicts a school girl with a peg leg standing in a classroom with the spaghetti monster, with the following caption: It didn't take an intelligent designer... ...for you evolve... to be my valentine!Pastafarian Valentine’s Day cards can be nabbed and printed for free off the web site of the "Illustrator Who Thinks He’s A Software Developer" at While you are ogling the artwork on his site, don’t miss the text. He talks of elementary school days past when he made tactical decisions about which classmates would receive his best cards and who got the lame ones. Oh, and homemade cupcakes. It’s been ages since I’ve seen a homemade cupcake.

IWTHASD alerted me to the good news, but then proceeded to whine like a software developer because I typecast him with the IWTHASD label. Nice try Buz, but we know you’re an illustrator. I will publicly renounce my statements of absolute truth as soon as you demonstrate your supposed analytical girth by developing a Pastafarian software application.

How about a Google Map hack which reports real-time pirate sightings? We could use a Flash-enabled painting program that lets kids color your illustrations and print them from your web site. Better yet, how about a painting program where the user drips paint on the canvas using a noodle?

And another thing, IWTHASD, don’t think I didn’t notice your infatuation with His balls. They are ginormous! You make Him out to be all ball, no noodle. Please, be generous with the noodles. A little modesty is in order. These cards are for kids.

And yet another thing, this is about Valentine’s Day. His Sauce is His Love. Why isn’t His loving sauce dripping down upon us? Let’s see some saucy cards for adults.

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