Real Dads Wear Clown Costumes

How much would you pay for the clown costume shown here? $20? $10? Ask Grandma to sew it? Nah, I scored two adult clown costumes for free via the Freecycle Network. (See my previous post about donating baby clothes via Freecycle).

AJ wearing a full-body black clown costume covered in polka dots. AJ is holding Little Miss who is wearing her own white polka dotted clown costume.I picked up the costume last night from the mother of a 20-month-old girl who bought it at a garage sale and wore it on Halloween. Why she would part with it three months later is beyond me, but I wasn’t going to debate her into changing her mind.

My costume was tested at dinnertime tonight. Little Miss and Mom were at the dinner table when I slipped into the next room and changed clothes. Then I came back to the dinner table and acted normal. Mom acted normal too, but Miss couldn’t help letting a big grin grow on her face as she stared at my polka dots.

Freecycle, people. Check it out.

P.S. The colorful Wonder Bread-esque costume Little Miss is wearing in the photo was my own 50 cent garage sale find. Miss wore her costume on Halloween when she dressed as a clown. She really, really enjoys wearing it. You’ve never seen a toddler tear off her old clothes so quickly at the mere sight of a costume.

P.S.S. Sorry about the photo’s quality. Mom has a habit of cutting off our heads, wouldn’t ya know it?

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