Inky Cookie Ghost Monster Hat

When I saw this toddler knit cap at a garage sale I thought "Hey, it’s Inky!"

OK, maybe it was more like, "Hey, it’s that blue monster from Pac-Man."

Yeah, yeah, OK, I admit I really thought, "Hey, it’s a Cookie Monster hat, but it only has his googly eyes. That’s cool."

Image showing three items. At upper left is Inky the ghost monster from Pac-Man. At lower left is the head of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. At right is a light blue knit cap with two googly eyes knit into the top center portion of the hat.

When I brought the hat home I rationalized the eyes into being Inky’s because we won’t be exposing Little Miss to Sesame Street, or any television shows, for quite a while. Not that she’ll be playing video games anytime soon either, but at least I’ll like the hat that much more when she wears it. For her part, Little Miss’ affection for clothing at 19 months is limited to expressions such as, "Blue!"

You know, before I wrote this post, I really thought Inky had googly eyes. So I kind of doctored the picture above to give Inky googly eyes so he looks more like the hat. But hey, it’s still a cool hat. Too bad the jerk merchandisers for Sesame Street seem to have replaced this hat with one showing Cookie Monster’s whole face.

The discontinued (?) hat can be found in a couple eBay auctions which end in a few days.

Cookie Monster lot-Winter hat, mittens, and blanket [eBay]

Cookie Monster Face Hat w/ Mittens Blue Toddler [a slightly darker blue hat at eBay]

Future readers, just search for "cookie monster hat." You might also add the word "mittens" to your search because the hat originally sold with blue Cookie Monster mittens.


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  1. Fitzgerald says:

    Love that hat, I got to get me one of those.

    February 1st, 2006 at 4:46 pm

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