Bits of Letterman, Dilbert

I’m still sick today. Here is a quote and a few links.

Talking to TV’s Dr. Phil, last night David Letterman reflected upon the change his two-year-old boy has made in his life.

"He opened a window in my heart and the light of the world shined in." –David Letterman

(Mom went back to her hospital work cycle today, so sick or not, I was up late when Little Miss decided she couldn’t sleep.)

And now a few links to Scott Adams’ blog. You know, the guy who draws the Dilbert cartoon. He writes, too.

Jet Lagged Baby – Scott points out that a recent comic featuring a talking baby had different endings depending on in which medium you read it. [Here is a transcript for Auntie M and anyone else who cannot access Scott's comic because it lacks an alternate text description for visually impaired readers. For those of you not in the know, the web is accessible to blind users as soon as we choose to make it so.]

Adopting – Scott talks about his adopting an embryo destined for stem cell research.

Try This at Home – Scott tells kids how to respond when your parent insists you eat the food on your plate.

Also see the Dilbert comic archive. The baby has been featured (so far) in comics on January 25, 26 and 27, 2006. Sorry Auntie M, call me for a transcript, though the other two strips aren’t nearly as funny.

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