Aquadoodle choking hazard?

We had a scare today with an Aquadoodle accessory.

Little Miss received a large Aquadoodle drawing mat for Christmas. It is a durable, rollable mat with a white surface which turns green when wet. Kids draw on the mat using water-filled pens, and the ink disappears when the water evaporates a few minutes later.

Aquadoodle plastic ring accessory for holding ink stamps. The ring has a 3 inch diameter with a hole in one spot where stamps are hooked on.Our mat came with several ink stamp accessories – a circle, triangle and square. Like a real ink stamp, she can rub a stamp on a damp water tray, then press the stamp on the Aquadoodle mat and see that shape appear. The stamps can be held together with a plastic ring (shown in the photo above), sort of like holding keys on a key chain.

We have not used the Aquadoodle mat in a couple weeks, but Miss found the plastic ring and was carrying it around the house with her. Mom woke me up from my feverish mucous-filled sleep to tell me about an incident which occurred moments before.

Miss had begun tearing at her throat with both hands. Mom heard a clicking sound, but didn’t see anything at first. It turns out, Miss had placed the ring around her neck, and the ring was hidden underneath her shirt collar. The clicking was Miss’ finger nails running over the ring. When Mom removed the ring there was no red mark, but Mom said the ring was on her neck pretty tight. If you have such a ring in your Aquadoodle, I suggest you throw the ring away. It is not a necessary component of the toy. shows (in a photo) this toy being for kids 2-years and up, while lists it for 3-years and up. Little Miss is 19-months-old. This is a good lesson in how toys which look safer than the listed age can still be unsafe. Even with older kids, I would throw away the ring.

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