Review: KidCo Adhesive Mount Cabinet/Drawer Lock

Short version: Do your baby proofing before the baby arrives. It’s a magical period when you have spare time and go through the day without sleep deprivation. Ahh, the memories.

Long version: What is the price of laziness? Six dollars per cabinet door.

We waited 18 months until doing serious baby proofing. Sure, we had doorknob locks and electrical socket plugs installed before Little Miss was crawling. Those were easy. Devices which required drilling into cabinetry, well, they never happened.

KidCo Adhesive Mount Cabinet/Drawer Lock
The KidCo Adhesive Mount Cabinet/Drawer Lock saved us. Installation takes a couple minutes, just long enough to mark a line on the door where the mount should adhere, and then sticking the latch onto the door. The latch has two parts like all latches (one piece on the door, one piece on the frame), but this latch is ribbed with a hook which catches on the cabinet frame. So, I only installed the latch itself without installing anything on the frame. The lock can also be installed with screws if your cabinets don’t line up right. (As with all safety products, buy one or two to test before purchasing enough for your entire house.)

In use, our cabinet doors open a couple inches before the latch catches, so be sure a small hand cannot reach anything small through that space.

One criticism I’ve read was from a parent who had a child who learned to defeat this lock. I expect that would be true of any push-down-and-release device. I’m more worried that Little Miss will pull a cabinet door so hard that she rips the lock off. She recently pulled a door stop and ripped the baseboard from the wall. Youch!

And really, locks are a deterrent, not an excuse to let your kid be
unattended. These locks primarily keep our food and dishes from being
pulled onto the kitchen floor.

So, where does laziness enter this topic? Well, we actually first bought Safety First Tot Loks for our cabinets. I liked them because they seem harder for a toddler to defeat. You open the cabinet by placing a magnetic knob-like "key" against the door, which draws a metal latch forward and unlocks the door. If you don’t have the key, you’re out of luck. The locks can also be deactivated with a plastic tab, which is great once your toddler grows up, but moot if you live in earthquake country like us.

However, these locks are a pain-in-the-ass to install. The instructions are tiny and confusing (which is par for course in the childproofing industry). My idea of fun doesn’t include setting aside an entire afternoon to align and drill holes in a million cabinets. It’s been 18 months since I’ve had that kind of leisure time. Check out this unofficial list of installation issues. Ugh! One day I will install these locks. Probably the whole day.


2 Responses to “Review: KidCo Adhesive Mount Cabinet/Drawer Lock”

  1. tod says:

    Yeah, we procrastinated too. I really didn’t see a need to put clips on the drawers/cabinets when thNut couldn’t even roll over let alone crawl. ;-)

    December 29th, 2005 at 3:00 pm

  2. Casey says:

    Funny about the tot loks! We bought a new home…my husband spent days (yes days) installing these into all the cabinets in the home since we have 2 small children. They worked well as far as safety. However as you mentioned you need the magnet to open the lock, if you lock it in the cabinet (as i have done wih mommy brain a few times) you are locked out. Plus they did not install well in our drawers, so we bought a huge magnet from the hardware store and used it. As much as i loved the locks once they were in, everyone that visited hated them (my kids were safe though). The best thing about them is if you get them in (PIA) no child can pull them open. They are pain to open over and over, so i found at times i’d leave a door open, so i moved the cleaning stuff to the garage in a high cabinet. So what did it help? My tupperware wasn’t all over the floor is all. My Dr. uses them….ok, now my point is we moved. So now i have installed the adhesive mount ones, and everything dangerous goes up in the cabinets. I have knives and cleaning products where cups should be. However i have no holes in my cabinets & my husband had 2 free days to help unpack….:)
    Hope this input helps! I loved what you wrote!

    March 12th, 2006 at 2:06 pm