Best Christmas outfit: Santa suits

What better Christmas outfit for a toddler than a miniature Santa suit? Target brick ‘n’ mortar stores are selling $10 fleece Santa suits for infants through 18 months. I couldn’t resist.

Two images: At left, a Santa suit with a rubber jack-o-lantern ball for a head, and at right, Little Miss wearing the Santa suit as she places an ornament on her Christmas tree.As you likely know, the recommended ages on toddler clothing are unreliable. In a feat of common sense, this in-house Target brand packaging lists recommended weights, thus letting me know 18-month-old Little Miss fits the 12 month suit (and perfectly, too).

Target’s web site lists a number of variations, including Santa pajamas and Santa dresses. In the search pull-down menu, select "Kids" and then search for the word "Santa." I am not confident that Target’s generic sizing page covers these suits though.

FYI, the Scarecrow Claus photo was created with the assistance of reusable diaper padding, a rubber jack-o-lantern ball, two wood dowels, a toddler clothes hanger and my wife’s firm grip on those dowels. I’d love to stick it in our front window, but I doubt the neighbors would understand it anymore than they did my leg lamp.


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  1. cindy says:

    My son loved this outfit and managed to squeeze himself into until he was 3, it’s actually roomy. I would love to find this in a toddler size and truely wish this company would make them larger as every christmas he still asks me if he can put it on and it’s just too small. Holds up great and is very comfy, a great buy!

    November 23rd, 2007 at 8:29 pm

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