Toilet Seat Topper Roundup

Here is a selection of toilet "augments" for home potty training. I want Little Miss learning on a real toilet seat. She has to do it eventually, and it’s what she’ll use in public restrooms. Plus, I wouldn’t have to dispose of any waste or clean a potty seat reservoir. However, Mom favors a standalone potty seat – we’ll look at those tomorrow.

A duck-themed toddler toilet seatDucka Toilet Seat Reducer by Primo – The Ducka is simply the coolest duck-themed removable toddler potty seat. The seat rests on top of your regular toilet and a duck head pops up between your legs. There’s a handle for hanging the duck elsewhere between uses. Thanks to the duck’s ample rumpus, the seat fits both regular and elongated toilets. The retail price is about $25.

Toilet Trainer by Baby Bjorn [photo] – The Bjorn is a removable seat like Primo’s Ducka seat, but with an  "ergonomically soft shape." A handle allows the seat to be hung aside between uses. This seat’s claim to fame is adaptability to either regular or elongated toilets via an under-seat crank. The Bjorn retails for about $30.

Flip N’ Flush –  This
attachable (aka "permanent") toilet seat connects between your regular
seat and lid. Pull it down for Junior to use, flip it up for your use.
At $12 it’s an easy economy solution and seems the easiest for
integrating into your house with minimum fuss. Separate seats are sold
for regular and elongated toilets.

Freedom Potty Trainer by Primo – "Freedom" means your kid can climb up onto your toilet by herself using a one-step ladder. This ladder and seat combo retails for about $25 and folds for simple storage. (Note: despite the stylish red and blue product depicted in photos on Primo’s web site, the page has a disclaimer stating the product is "all white." I also saw white versions being sold on retail web sites.)

Contoured Cushie Step-Up Padded Potty Seat with Step Stool by Mommy’s Helper – Well, the product name says it all. It’s like the Freedom Potty Trainer above, but has blue accents.

Kiddie Glow [second product on page] – It’s a glow-in-the-dark potty training seat which appears to sit on top of a standard toilet seat. I’m skeptical, but a Cincinnati Post article states that a 15 second light charge provides glow for 8 to 10 hours. Cool, cool, cool for nocturnal tinklers.

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