Toddler Public Potty Product Roundup

My only apprehension about potty training is achieving success. Diapers have been easy. When diapers get removed from the equation, trips will be broken into who knows how many potty breaks. One of our rural towns is essentially off limits because of a dearth of public restrooms. Where access is available, the lavatories are filthy.

Hey, come clean, you hate public restrooms too. OK, there is an exception. One oddball family loves restrooms so much they photograph their potty breaks.

Anyhow, what follows are a few products designed to help parents cope. Some are reasonable while others cater to screaming verminophobes.

Potty Mitt packagingPotty Mitts by Tudy’s — Disposable mitten-style hand covers to protect Junior’s hands from all restroom surfaces. The hand protectors look like oven mitts adorned with cartoonish teddy bears.  It’s good marketing to call these things mitts because, like oven mitts, they protect you from something you really don’t want your skin to touch.

Flush Stopper by
Performance Marketing Communications — A reusable tab you affix to the  “electronic eye” of self-flushing toilets. A parent assisting a toddler may trigger a flushing at the wrong time and spook Junior, so you simply disable the trigger until Junior has completed his business. [At the time of this writing, the front page of was filled with dead images. You may be interested in a reseller such as Zipbaby.]

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Potty Topper by Neat Solutions — This disposable cover is superior to the ones dispensed in restrooms on several fronts: it’s larger and drapes over the seat so that toddler hands grip a clean surface, adhesive strips prevent slippage and its quilted tissue top is oh so soft. The Topper comes with designs featuring balloons, Dora the Explorer or Spongebob Squarepants. A potential pitfall is whether the toddler can properly sit on an adult-size seat.

Zeets Disposable Potty Seats by Grandma Dot — This appears to be a cardboard seat topper you fold and then slide over the seat. Protruding handles allow your hands to never make contact with the toilet. Its claim to fame is being a disposable option which provides support for toddlers on an adult toilet seat.

Cushie Traveler padded toilet seat topperReusable Toilet Seat Toppers:

This option means carrying another piece of gear while traveling, and cleaning the seat between uses.

Cushie Traveler by Mommy’s Helper — Pamper that pee-wee posterior with a foldable, hand-washable padded toilet topper. Underside brackets help avoid slippage.

Potty Poncho by Kris & Company [alternate site]  — A machine-washable flexible vinyl toilet seat cover. A rubberized bottom prevents slippage. The poncho is very large and features a smaller-than-normal hole which “gives children extra support and confidence when using a big potty.”

Traveling Potty Seat by Graco — A foldable, hand-washable hard plastic toilet seat topper with non-slip rubber pads.

Ginsey Folding Potty — A hand-washable hard plastic toilet topper which comes in fun patterns, including Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer.

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