Thanksgiving Dinner as Planned by Kids

The Corvallis, Ore. Gazette-Times asked fourth and fifth grade students, “Is there something you’d rather have for Thanksgiving dinner instead of turkey?”

Linked here are three sets of published responses, the first being the most thorough.

October 18, 2005: "Instead of turkey for Thanksgiving I would prefer my uncle’s spinach but only my uncle’s. He has a very special ingredient, so special he won’t even tell me."

November 1, 2005: "Instead of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner I would like spaghetti and garlic bread. I would also like teriyaki ribs because I love those foods! "

November 8, 2005: "Why should people eat turkey for Thanksgiving? Why not fried chicken or smoked salmon? That’s what I would eat."

See also: Discovery Channel discovers Thanksgiving foods were different 100 years ago. Onion and egg pie. Mmmm.

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