Review: Who Lives Where?

Who Lives Where? by Cadaco is three games in one – designed, improvised and discovered.

The game caught my eye in the toy aisle at Target. Real wood? No batteries? Hot diggity!

Photo of the wooden Who Lives Where game blocksDesigned Game – Who Lives Where? is intended as a memory and matching challenge for two players 3-years-old and up. Each player begins with an identical set of 10 painted wooden animals. Ten rectangular wooden blocks serve as animal "houses," with the animals fitting inside like puzzle pieces. Two identical animals fit into each house.

A turn involves a player removing a triangular wooden "roof" from a house, attempting to fit an animal into the house, and then restoring the roof. The challenge comes in matching the correct animals, and, as your animals find homes, remembering which remaining houses might fit your remaining animals.

Improvised Game – The animal blocks have the potential to serve as an advanced sorting activity for one child. I bought the game for Little Miss at 16 months because of the obvious shape-sorter angle.

There is no bottom on the animal houses. Miss will put an animal inside and pick up the house, only to see the animal fall out the other side. She shouts, "Ahh!" each time. So she’ll sit there putting the animals back inside, having the animals fall out, and shouting "Ahh!" in a maddening cycle. Some parents use television as a baby sitter. I give my daughter insane toys.

Discovered Game – It took me four tries before I properly repacked the wooden pieces into the game box so that the lid could slide closed without hitting a protruding wood block. Argh! I’ll be impressed when Little Miss can put this game away by herself.

Who Lives Where? Cadaco product page [scroll to bottom of page] link: Who Lives Where? link: Who Lives Where? (also sold in Target brick ‘n’ mortar stores)


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  1. My Boaz's Ruth says:

    Borders has this game 50% off right now!

    January 20th, 2010 at 9:19 am

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