Potty Chair Roundup

There are hundreds of potty chair designs in the marketplace. The least expensive option is found in any number of plastic bowl-like potties, but here are a few more robust options which caught my eye.

TOT-CO Toilet TrainerTOT-CO Toilet Trainer
by TOT-CO – Imagine a full toilet bowl and tank replica, only lower to
the ground. It holds a full roll of toilet tissue, a box of wipes fit
in the tank and the seat removes for later use on a your full-size
adult toilet. The only thing this training toilet doesn’t do is flush,
although a 9-volt battery enables suitable auditory feedback. [Multiple product views at One Step Ahead.]

3-in-1 Toilet Training System by The First Years – This potty was developed in consultation with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, so that made it attention-worthy. It’s a regular potty chair, a reducer seat which works on an adult toilet and a step stool. (I found it at a Target store.)

Royal Potty by Fisher-Price – The curves on this seat are reminiscent of Fisher-Prices’ Healthy Care Booster Seat. However, to call it "royal" is a stretch. The seat’s legs provide a semi-thrown appearance and you hear 8-bit trumpets when deposits are made. The legs are removable, for placing the core seat onto a real porcelain throne when the time comes.

Speedy Bunny potty seatSpeedy Bunny by
Primo – This bunny looks like a rocking horse, and even has handles in
the bunny’s head, but he doesn’t move. He sits there helpless as your
child poops into his body. Poor bunny. [Sorry, I couldn't locate any
retailers selling this product. I wonder why.]

His and Her Majesty’s Thrones by Levels of Discovery – This wooden seat is crafted to look like a miniature thrown, featuring your child’s photo on the back of the seat and a plastic receptacle for receiving deposits to the royal vault.

Hand-painted potty rocking chairs – These stylish rockers have a removable seat which reveals a donation bucket beneath. I couldn’t identify the manufacturer, but the chairs are pretty cool even without the potty angle, coming in themes such as cowboys, prince or princess, Noah’s Ark, jungle animals and frogs. 

Also see: Daddy Types’ entry about a gruesome clear potty seat.

Update: The potty I eventually bought was the Safety 1st Potty ‘n Step Stool.
It is very similar to The First Years model, but includes a seat lid
and has a two part stepping stool rather than one step. The lid is
helpful in training Little Miss in the practice of opening and closing
a seat lid, rather than after she graduates to an adult toilet. It also
may help contain odor if the potty cannot be cleaned immediately for
whatever reason.

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