Portable Potty Roundup

I’m excited by the range of well-designed port-a-potties. They’re not just for hunters and campers anymore. One day you may find yourself in a region of the globe where there isn’t a McDonalds on every corner. Instead of launching into a frantic hunt for a potty-friendly business, whip out your shoulder toilet and make Junior poop in the back of your station wagon, or truck bed or right there on the parking lot asphalt.

Here are a few options:

Pottyflip by AP System Ltd. – Hungary may be in eastern Europe, but it’s still home to 69 McDonalds restaurants. So it’s all the more surprising this country produced the Pottyflip. It’s a cardboard toilet. [photo] No wait, excuse me, it’s a disposable potty providing the same comfort and hygienic safety your child enjoyed with disposable diapers. (*cough* Little Miss has reusable diapers which, if anything, may be more hygienic than disposables.)

Inflate-a-PottyInflate-a-Potty by Brite Times – The critical issue with this inflatable potty is whether the company’s
main claim is true: "inflates in seconds." We’re talking about
toddlers where a delay can mean a messy accident.

A standard kitchen trash bag lies over the top, you do your business and then tie and dispose of the bag. There’s nothing to clean. Inflate-a-Potty handles toddlers up to 60 lbs., and an adult version is also offered. It’s sure to be a good space saver too when deflated and stored in its pouch. [Inflate-a-Potty is also sold at One Step Ahead.]

 The Caboose by Bonaco – This potty has two selling points. One, it’s small enough that its footprint fits on an 8×11 sheet of paper and has a carry pouch. Two, it uses standard disposable diapers (size 1 through 6) as a liner.

Travel Potty by Cool Gear. Photo of a girl holding the potty after it has been collapsed into briefcase formTravel Potty by Cool Gear – Poop in style and comfort. This potty folds up into a briefcase shape for easy carrying by your toddler. It uses one-gallon zipper bags as a liner which can be stored in one of two available storage compartments. The second compartment is for Junior’s favorite reading material.

Travel John Jr. by Reach Global Industries – Here’s a different approach… a travel urinal designed for boys and girls. To my layman eyes the urinal looks like a wide mouth drink cup with a bag insert. The company states that the insert is a fabric bag containing a biodegradable polymer which absorbs liquid and turns into a gel, making the bag safe for disposal. It’s sure to be a favorite of long-haul truckers who homeschool on the road.

 Potette Portable Potty (also called On The Go Potty) by Thank Heavens Co. – This potty has fold-out legs which support toddlers up to 100 lbs. Liner bags designed to fit the Potette are separately sold.

Spill Proof Travel Potty Chair by an unknown company – If you take saving the Earth seriously, really seriously, this is the potty for you. It bucks the trend by using no liner bags, and may be durable enough to give to your child when he or she has a baby. Human waste drains into the potty’s plastic base reservoir and a lid contains the odor. Reportedly, if the potty is knocked over, liquid does not escape. That sloshing sound you hear while riding your tandem bicycle around town is the sound of oil executives peeing their pants.


4 Responses to “Portable Potty Roundup”

  1. Ed Bacchus says:

    We used the inflate potty on our vacations during our road trips and it came in handy in between rest stops. The item we used the most were the potty flip covers. It was handy while in public bathrooms that had toilets that were too big for him or were too nasty to touch the seat. I carried it in a trash bag in his diaper bag and was quite pleased. Love your site, great information.

    November 18th, 2005 at 3:59 pm

  2. molly sebastian says:

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    Molly Sebastian

    January 10th, 2008 at 2:32 pm

  3. Lisa says:

    I recently saw a portable potty that looked like the Potette On the Go Potty that could be used as a stand-alone potty or could be used on top of a regular toilet seat. Have you seen this product? I’m now wishing that I had bought it to take camping with my 2-year-old.

    May 20th, 2008 at 6:56 am

  4. chris says:

    Lisa, it’s called the “Potette Plus” and is replacing the original Potette.

    August 17th, 2008 at 9:00 pm