Review: Tub-Water Temps Non-slip Bathtub Applique

Mommy’s Helper Tub-Water Temps are what we use to keep Little Miss from slipping in the bathtub, during baths or showers. Nine yellow duck appliques (thick stickers) give good coverage over the bottom of our tub and have texture to prevent baby slippage. Eight of the ducks are pure yellow.

Mommy’s Helper Tub-Water Temps yellow duck appliqué with blue stripesThe ninth duck has blue temperature-sensitive markings which turn pink when the water is too hot. I placed the blue duck nearest the faucet only to later realize the color changes while I’m still adjusting water temperature. I’m not too impressed by color changing baby gear.

One bath time issue that has always plagued us is when Little Miss decides she has had enough and makes a grab for the tub’s edge. I may just buy the Mommy’s Helper Safe-er-Grip, which is a handle that suctions to the tub surface.

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