Review: Door Pinch Guards

All door guards are not created equal. When it comes to pinching fingers, some guards only do half the job. Here is my analysis of two that I own.

Photo of two types of door pinch guards, both formced in the shape of the letter C for wrapping around a door edgeType 1 (bad): A foam bumper wraps around the knob side of the door. This type lets you almost close a door. In my case, there is a two inch gap between bumper and the door jam. Hey, that’s fine, right? I thought so too, until I noticed Little Miss likes to stick her fingers in the gap on the opposite end of the door, the hinge side.

When the door is closed to that two-inch gap on the knob-side, the gap on the hinge-side is non-existent. No safety zone. No gap that I can see, and certainly nothing that would keep Little Miss’ fingers intact.

Photo of a Type 2 door guard wrapped around the hinge-side of a doorType 2 (good): A rubber bumper wraps around the hinge-side of the door. My bumper (made by Kidco) leaves a 3/4th inch gap on the hinge-side, and a full 2 feet on the knob-side. That’s right, at best Little Miss gets the door halfway closed before she meets resistance.

Oddly enough, I discovered that I get similar results from the Type 1 guard if I wrap it around the top of the door within two inches of the hinge side… but that’s not how the photo on the product package indicates it was intended to be used.

I bought the Type 2 Kidco guard at a brick ‘n’ mortar Babies R Us, but here are a couple online vendors:

Kidco Child Safety Finger Guard Door Stop []

Kidco Finger Guard [Baby Ant]

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