Review: Don’t Wake Daddy

I haven’t strolled the board game aisle at a toy store for more than a decade. So at a garage sale I was surprised to stumble across a game called Don’t Wake Daddy. I picked up the travel edition.

Overview photo of the Don't Wake Daddy travel board game and a close-up of the daddy figure after he has awoken and is sitting up in bedThe game’s premise is simple. Players are children trying to sneak from their bedroom to the kitchen fridge for a late night snack. You spin a color dial (there are cards in the board game version), and move along colored spaces on a game board, starting in the bedroom and ending at the refrigerator. The movement track winds its way around the perimeter of a 3-D spring-loaded replica of Daddy sleeping in his bed, complete with alarm clock and sleeping cap. If you land on a space with a number, you must push the alarm clock that many times and hope he stays asleep. If you are unlucky, Daddy jolts up in bed, his sleeping cap flies from his head, and he forces you to return to your bedroom at the beginning position on the board.

The game, for ages 4 and up, teaches color matching. Small pieces present a choking hazard, but I don’t see why a 3-year-old couldn’t enjoy this game when supervised.

The more time I spend around young kids, the more I realize the recommended ages for games are way off when a parent is involved in directing the game and reading labels. I recently gave my childhood copy of Dungeon! (Dungeons & Dragons simplified down to killing monsters for loot on a game board) to a friend’s (just-turned) 5-year-old. Dungeon is rated for 8-year-olds, but I’m told he likes to play it every day with his dad.


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  1. Becca says:

    Hi there. I know this is an old entry but I have been going through your old stuff and had to comment on this one. If you like D&D but hate all the messy roll playing, then you might be interested in a game called Munchkins. It isn’t for kids(there are definitly adult jokes on some cards) but I read about Dungeon! and thought you might like this grown up semi-version. It’s card based though and doesn’t have a board. Most people who have rp’ed in the past enjoy it immensily.

    January 20th, 2006 at 1:05 am

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