HOW TO: Make a Flower in the Pediatrician’s Office

Our pediatrician showed us how to make a flower during Little Miss’ last check-up. This trick also works with your dentist or any medical office that stocks pleated paper water cups in the examination room.

CupFirst, let me say, whoever designed pleated paper cups is a genius. We’re talking about a single round piece of thick wax paper that is folded into a sturdy vessel without adhesives. It’s utilitarian origami that took a good dose of engineering knowledge to conceive.

Yeah, all of that really did go through my head in the few seconds it took our pediatrician to pull a cup from the dispenser, grab the rim of the cup and pull the pleats apart to convert the cup back to its original circular form. And that’s it. The cup is a flower. Well, sort of.

When Little Miss is old enough to appreciate doctor flowers as something more than a crinkle toy, I’m hoping to parlay them into a motivational tool. Perhaps take the flower home, have her color it and display it on her wall or somewhere of prominence in the house. Each visit to the doctor or dentist is a chance to score at least one more flower, maybe more if she behaves herself. [Parents who have older children may now laugh at me.]


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  1. Bev says:

    OK…I’m laughing.

    October 9th, 2005 at 9:22 am

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