Blog Highlight: Vegan Lunch Box

Jennifershmoo is a self-described "vegan activist" living in Washington state who has started the Vegan Lunch Box blog. She packs vegan lunches for Little Shmoo and photographs them for our pleasure. I’m not vegan, but as an off-and-on vegetarian, her meals look ten times tastier than the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches my mother packed or the distilled goo the cafeteria served.

Photo of a lunch box filled with a vegan meal. The contents are described in the second paragraph of this blog entry.Pictured is Jennifershmoo’s vegan ham slices rolled up with vegan cream cheese, a pumpkin
carob chip muffin, watermelon and cantaloupe balls with organic red
grapes, and sweet canned corn.

Recipes for some of these foods can be found on her Shmooed Food blog. Also don’t miss her link to the groovy laptop lunch box featured in the photos.

(Link via Robot Wisdom via Link Filter.)

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