Benny the Anatomical Teddy

Thomas Zupke-Pohl looked "into the frightened and completely blank eyes" of his son as he tried to explain the surgery his son was about to undergo. That experience led to his creation of Benny the Anatomical Teddy.

Benny the Anatomical TeddyIntended for use by medical professionals, Benny is used to show young patients what will happen during their medical procedures. He comes with a removable and/or visible skeletal, cardio-respiratory, digestive and urinary systems. Oh, and one handsome plaid sweater vest! And a scarf filled with a mixture of rose, lavender and dried melissa.

Some of Benny’s organs are removed with Velcro, others are viewed via zippers or palpated through his skin. Benny is simply friendlier than using medical charts and anatomical models.

Benny’s body includes:

  • Nose with nostrils, ears with auditory canal and "blood" that may be drawn from a finger or arm.
  • Skeletal System – palpable chest, rib cage, and an invisible spine, arm and leg bones.
  • Cardio-Respiratory System – heart, lungs, windpipe, spleen and tonsils.
  • Skeletal System – arm and leg bone, and rib cage.
  • Digestive System – esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, intestines, appendix, rectum and anus.
  • Urinary System – kidneys, bladder, ureter and urethra.

Benny measures 22 x 10 inches.

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