Review: Happy Baby Touch, Feel and Say board book series

“Let’s skin puppies and put their fur in baby books!”

Oh, OK, it’s probably faux fur, but the publisher, Priddy Bicknell, technically doesn’t specify the source of the “textures” used in the Happy Baby Touch, Feel and Say board book series.

Cover of the Happy Baby box set featuring photos of a duckling and a puppyThis boxed set is different from the other Happy Baby learning books we own. Our existing book topics – colors, letters, numbers, words and animals – consist of high quality photo clip-art and descriptive labels. By clip-art I mean photo objects that have their backgrounds digitally replaced with a white background, and fake shadows given to the objects.

Little Miss loves to flip the pages and look at the photos, much more so than with our illustrated books.

The Touch, Feel and Say series differs in that every other page contains a cut-out circle filled with a texture. For example, in the kitten book you feel soft kitten fur, yarn (e.g., a yarn ball), a rough kitten tongue (sand paper), whiskers (plastic strands), and fabric that a kitten is sleeping upon.

Little Miss loves being able to touch the photo textures, especially the fur.

The photos on the four book covers indicate their topics are kittens, puppies, ducklings and bunnies.  But the duckling and bunny books feature only one texture for bunnies and ducklings. Their “friends” fill the remaining pages – zebras, chicks, chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, tigers and elephants. That must be one crazy farm they live on.

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