Book Anomaly: If I Had A Little Boat

If I Had A Little Boat is a simple little board book about a girl who talks about all the things she would do if she had a boat.

Study the book’s cover drawing to find the oddity. There’s nothing technically wrong. It’s closer to an issue of political correctness. An issue that exists on every page of the book.

Cover of the book If I Had A Little Board showing a girl piloting a sail boat
She would sail down a river, through a busy harbor, past a herd of grey whales and eat lunch on a desert island.

Most dangerously, she would "ride the rough and stormy seas." And the artwork clearly shows the girl riding tall tumbling waves amid dark rainy storm clouds. All by herself, not more than five years old… without a personal floatation devicea life vest.

She is one wild little daredevil. My how times have changed since this book was published in 1985.

Author: Larry DiFiori
ISBN: 0307166694

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