Beware the Ice Cream Truck

Do you know the ice cream man? Does he know you?

Little Miss and I sat on the couch this afternoon in front of our picture window, watching the neighborhood. We were waiting for Mom to come home so that we could wave to her as she drives into our garage. In the interim, Miss stood on the couch watching the street with visible excitement, shouting "Dough!" at a dog trotting, or waving "Bye bye!" at a passing car.

So when I heard "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" being blasted from an ice cream truck, I watched with anticipation to see how Miss would react to this new sight.

Mom drove up just as the ice cream truck passed our house, so Miss was distracted into waving at Mom. But I watched the truck. A few doors down, the driver stopped in the middle of the street, directly in front of a house where three kids live, and parked there with the music playing. As you might expect, the kids bolted out the front door within 30 seconds, ready to buy ice cream.

I must tip my hat. That’s one small business owner who really knows her customers.

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