Better Baby Products? Think it. Share it.

Lamenting the amazing rate at which Little Miss outgrows her shoes, I wondered why someone hasn’t invented a toddler shoe that expands to grow with a child. Looking for such a shoe, I found myself at the Why Not? web site. It is an idea free-for-all, where users propose ideas and others rate or berate them.

Here are some peoples’ baby-related brainstorms:

Better baby shoes? Excellent idea to make toddler shoes expandable, but with no profit motive, this idea will never make it to market.

‘New Baby Smell’ perfume? Hey, we talked about Jennifer Lopez’s new baby perfume earlier this week.

Babysitting for movie theatres? This is a simple idea that quickly gets complex. State laws require X number of attendants per child, so staffing an in-theatre daycare center would require parents to place reservations in advance of movie attendance.

Pediatric house calls? Actually, a few doctors do house calls exclusively with a roving medical van. You’d have to inquire in your area.

Power baby nasal bulb? Hospitals have such devices (suction tubes). They can easily harm a baby’s nasal passage in the hands of an untrained parent.

Noisy shoes? (Fun noises while a child walks.) Aside from this invention being very annoying, it would be a yet another landfill mess… electronics built into shoes that may only be used for as short a period as two months.

Child-in-car-seat warning? I agree, automobiles ignore our children.

Have ideas of your own? Share them!


One Response to “Better Baby Products? Think it. Share it.”

  1. Mr. Big Dubya says:

    Blogged about infant shoes the other day – I can’t find any possible reason why they exist other than decorations or to keep socks in place (baby garters might be a better idea).

    September 30th, 2005 at 12:52 pm