Why Our Leaders Fail Us and How We Can Choose Better Ones

I made my daughter a lab rat and inadvertently discovered the answer to all our problems. But first, the backstory:

In my first days of child rearing, I had a genius idea. I would buy
sound dampening ear muffs to make my baby’s wailfests tolerable. In
theory, it worked. When I’m wearing the muffs the only things I hear
are my feet walking on the floor and my own heartbeat. But, I often ended up
misplacing the muffs, and Little Miss eventually grew into being a
model baby.

Fast forward 14 months. Little Miss has discovered my ear muffs and in
the last few days I have been helping her wear them for brief periods,
say, 30 seconds.

Now, I must explain that Mom and I can excite Little Miss into an
hysterical laughing fit anytime we please. We merely fake a good
rolling guffaw and her mouth drops open and the laughter rolls out.

Knowing everything I have just told you, I did what any good dad would do. I experimented on my daughter.

My findings? Little Miss will not laugh if she can see me laughing, but cannot hear me.

I don’t know of what practical use this information is, except to note that people are sheep and will base their actions on what other people are doing. In short, we should
elect only deaf people to decision making positions in government — the only people capable of ignoring opinion polls and lobbyists talking in their ears.

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