Anomaly: The Nine-Legged Spider

Carefully inspect the drawings in your children’s books and you may find one or two oddities.

Spider drawing with nine legsWe were given the board book-CD combo Itsy Bitsy Spider: And Other Favorites as a gift. It’s quite good. Seven nursery rhymes (ripe for use during circle time) are presented with colorful artwork as a board book, plus are presented as songs on a CD.

Spiders have eight legs, right? Well, this one has six legs (with shoes in three different colors – red, blue and green) and two arms. The spider’s body is a big fuzzy purple plum, so I’ll allow the illustrator some liberties. Eight appendages total. From page to page the artist diligently maintains the consistency of the arachnid’s appendages a total of 39 times. The story is only six pages, but the pages are bracketed with spider thumbnails. Thirty-nine times the artist even kept the shoe color sequence consistent. Then on the last page the Itsy Bitsy Spider sprouts an extra leg!

Itsy Bitsy Spider: And Other Favorites []
Publisher: Studio Mouse
ISBN: 1931465312

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