Ten Links to Ponder

  1. MOMS Club of Sunnyvale, Calif. – “Does your mommies group have a board of directors? Take a look at their activities list.
  2. Baby Butt –€“ An unfortunately named store based in Germany.
  3. Daddy’s Tie –“ A plain tie that you put your child’s feet or hand prints on.
  4. Alien Baby on Board sign
  5. Hang In There Necklace –€“ It features the fat cat from Sandra Boynton’s children’s books.
  6. Baby’s First Flag – Announce your new arrival to your neighbors, uh, after you order the flag and have it delivered by our of-so-swift postal service.
  7. Recaro child car seats –€“ Anything looks cooler next to a sports car, right?
  8. Kevin’s Fridge Magnets –€“ The original useless time waster. Make alphabet magnets say what you want. The messages have become decidedly raunchy in the last decade.
  9. Baby Clothes Swap –€“
    Online garment trading? How is this practical after factoring in
    hefty shipping charges and the consideration that many clothes are of marginal value (coming from hand-me-downs, garage sales or baby thrift shops)?
  10. The Amazing Race Season 8 –€“ The first "Family Edition" of the television series airs September 27 with 10 family teams. Hmm, will the Black family (40-year-old parents with an 8- and 10-year-old) race around the globe better than the Linz family (three brothers and a sister ranging in ages from an infantile 19 to a tired, old 24)?

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