Review: Squeak E. Dress Me Mouse

We like to see Mr. Squeak naked.

No wait, let me say that another way.

Our teddy bear is a cross dresser.

No wait…

We like Mr. Squeak’s clothes better than we like Mr. Squeak. Yeah, that’s it. I think.

A naked Squeak E. Mouse next to our plain brown teddy bear wearing Squeak's clothingThe premise behind the 18-inch Squeak E. Dress Me Mouse plush rodent is to teach kids how to handle the trials and tribulations of dressing and undressing in the proper order. The mouse comes with removable shoes, shorts, a shirt, a jacket and a backpack. In that mix there is a button, zipper, shoe buckle, shoelace and Velcro to manipulate. Despite to the name, the mouse doesn’t actually make a squeaking noise.

Although rated for 18-month-olds, we’ve had Mr. Squeak since Little Miss was 6-months-old. We were fortunate to find him at a garage sale for 50 cents (every piece of Mr. Squeak is machine washable).

We like to get Miss started early on learning toys when she’s capable. The problem is, at 14 months she still has not shown an interest. I blame superficial societal concepts of beauty. A bright green mouse with a big snout and dot eyes is just plain ugly. So we stripped Mr. Squeak naked and gave his clothes to a plain brown teddy bear that Miss carries around with her. (See above photo.) Shazam! Miss gained a fashion conscience. She won’t let Bear wear his backpack, and he isn’t allowed to have his rain hood tucked around his face. Never.

Squeak E. Dress Me Mouse []

P.S. Mr. Squeak is not anatomically correct, in case you were wondering.

Update: It finally occurred to me that old baby clothes can find a new life on
any and every teddy bear and other plush animal in your house. They
teach snaps and zippers and some have buttoned pockets. Velcro gets
taught as soon as your toddler begins wearing shoes.


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