Music Review: Cajun for Kids

Ayeee! My daughter was a French colonist exiled from Nova Scotia in the 18th century. How she traveled from her settlement in southern Louisiana to Mom’s womb in the 21st century remains a mystery. That’s right, Little Miss thinks she is Cajun.

Cajun For Kids CD cover featuring a crocodile and crawfish playing musical instrumentsWe heard a Cajun-zydeco band perform at a town festival and Miss went wild, about ready to jitterbug a two-step. So, we looked around and bought the Cajun For Kids CD. It is hands down her favorite music.

Every other track on the CD has the singer – Papillion – also
serving a narrator, introducing the next song with tidbits of history
and culture of the Cajun people, or an explanation of what certain
French phrases mean. For long-term use you’ll want to burn a copy of
the CD minus the narration.

The lyrics are family friendly, often telling family traditions and
history. There’s the grandfather who gave his grandson the nickname
Papillon (pap-ee-on). Or the watermelon man singing a tune as he
wobbles along selling fruit from his cart in the summertime (just like
an ice cream truck).

There are several songs about Fais Do Do (fay doe doe) that are my
favorites. Fais Do Do is an evening dance that includes all family
members, even babies. The name literally translates as "go to sleep."

Let’s Go! Fais Do Do!
Mamas grab your babies, everybody’s gonna go!
Let’s Go! Fais Do Do!
Papas get your children, tell ‘em not to be slow
Gonna dance all night at the Fais Do Do!
Let’s Go!

Yeah, I’m not a dad who insists on finding adult music that my baby
likes. I enjoy getting into children’s music, at least music that has
some substance.

Cajun For Kids was the first music we danced to with Little Miss,
her standing up, and us holding her hands as she stomped her feet.
At 14 months, we’ve even learned to exploit her love of zydeco
when we’re traveling in the car. If Miss is tired and starts to fuss,
we pop in the Cajun CD and she immediately snaps out of her funk –
waving her arms and clapping.

Papillion’s web site []

Cajun for Kids CD []

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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