Photo Comparisons: Mom or Dad?

Does your kid look more like mom or dad? Let the masses decide at Visitors look at a child’s photo next to mom and dad and then cast their votes for… mom or dad. Some parents have posted their entire family on the site.

[I infer the site is quite new, so the collection of photos is
small. Google doesn't report anyone linking to the site yet. This is
your chance to get your photos in on the ground level!]

It’s interesting to see whether your opinion is in sync with the
majority of voters. Ballot races that are straddling near the 50
percent mark are linked on the front page so you can help settle ties.

On the other end of the spectrum, how about being told your baby is
ugly? That’s the message a lot of parents receive when they share their
photos with image rating sites such as Rating Babies and Am I A Cute Baby.

"My baby is the cutest in the world – I’ll vote her a ’10.’ All
other babies pale in comparison. I’ll vote ’1′ for those ugly gangle
creatures. Why do parents embarrass themselves competing with my child?"

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