Essential Dad Gear: Cheap Pocket Tees

Around 12 months of age, my wardrobe changed because of my daughter.

Photo of a red pocket t-shirt modified to include a glowing pocket napkinChange #1: Little Miss became clingy and started pulling my shirt collar. Holding her and then putting her down is sometimes a battle to prevent her from stretching out my neck hole! (Those who remember that Seinfeld episode may now smirk).

Change #2: Little Miss discovered the breast pocket on my T-shirt. This was around the same time she began enjoying pulling one nested object out of another and putting it back inside. At a restaurant, I stuffed a napkin in my shirt pocket and Miss never forgot the joy of discovering the napkin. Now I routinely keep a folded paper towel in my pocket so that she can find it.

Change #3: Faced with a dearth of pocket T-shirts and the looming likelihood that any new shirts would get their neck holes stretched, I invested a small sum in inexpensive pocket tees. Seriously, if you pay more than $5, you’re paying too much.

If you’re like me and wear a lot of darker tones, buy yellow, orange and red T-shirts so as to emphasize your extreme makeover as a newly christened compassionate and fun dad.

Update: At 25-months-of-age these shirts still serve a purpose. My daughter no longer pulls at my collar or hunts for napkins in my pocket, but that pocket is ideal for carrying a sippy cup.


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